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Friday, November 25, 2011

November 25th, Do you like to buy presents ahead of time or when you need them?

An apt Black Friday question... I was so tired today that I actually left early... I thought that working thursday night and this morning at five am wouldn't be quite so difficult... but my brain shut down at about 8:30 am... by 10:30 I was bloody useless... I used to handle the lack of sleep much better than I do now. But back to the question... I tend to make gifts versus buy them, though I will purchase something when I see it and just "know" that it is the right thing for someone. I very rarely do any "last minute" shopping, and I simply don't understand the Black Friday madness--- there is nothing i need or want that would entice me into those crowds at those hours to fight with anyone over the last anything...
I hope those of you who celebrated Thanksgiving yesterday had a fabulous day. I hope that those of you who did brave the madness today to shop, enjoyed your day... and as a retailer, I would like to say Thank You to all of you who made it point during your shopping experience to thank your sales people, to be polite, and to pass on your words of kindness to us. Whatever your job may be, stop and think about how you would feel if you were treated at your place of employment the way people treat those of us who work in the service and retail industries. We are real people with real lives who have chosen this industry because it suits our needs or skills or a combination of both. I spent well over a decade in the restaurant industry before switching to retail and nothing would aggravate me more than being treated like I was stupid or incompetent because I was a waitress or a bartender or even a restaurant manager. I'm really good at what I do... and I truly appreciate those of you who take the time to stop and chat for a minute, to say thank you, to respond when we speak to you. When i was bartending in New Orleans during Mardi Gras we were allowed to wear non-uniform shirts during parade nights and days. My favorite non uniform T shirt read "Server, Not Servant".
The way you talk to people touches their lives... remember that when we stop to make eye contact and say "Hi, how are you?"
Make something beautiful with your heart and your hands,


September said...

So So very true.... I stopped in at Michael's around 8:30 on my way home, it was calm and although busy, not crazy. The manager, who I know from previous trips, was standing near the front door, watching things, and opening registers, etc. I told her she was doing an awesome job and good luck with the day. YOu'd think I had handed her a $100 bill. I left her smiling and I was also smiling as I headed home. :) Retail is really difficult at the holidays. In college, I worked as a kid's photographer, trust me, it was an evil, evil job. :) <3

Anonymous said...

I was out in the trenches today as well - though not as early as you. I hope you get some good sleep tonight to rest up for tomorrows sale!! LOL

One thing I've always wished I could wear was a pin that said, "Hey, I have feelings too!" People don't realize how they come across sometimes... it would be nice if they remembered to treat us with even a touch more respect.