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Thursday, September 29, 2011

What a week!

Hi all... did your week just keep getting bigger every time you turned around?  Mine did.  I expected it, but sure as I stopped to breathe, someone added somehing to my to do list.  We had a visit from corporate this week, which went exceptionally well, for which I am relived and proud.   We worked hard, and I think that we often forget just how good we are at what we do.   Yes, we make mistakes, yes, we fall behind, cut corners, rethink directions, and sometimes get by on a spit patch, but we are good at what we do.  To be told that by someone else is really nice sometimes.  You know, I'm a big propopent of being that voice in your own life, of being the first person to say "good job, well done"  and even that that is the only voice you ever really need to hear, but I won't tell you that it doesn't hurt to have someone else chime in and reiterate it.   The second session of Planet You is about to begin the third week of classes.  Tonight we wrap up my favorite week-- the section entitled "I believe."   This is the "meat" of the course, where we talk about how we came to our beliefs, and how we nurture them.  We talk about holding beliefs that aren't true, and beliefs that no longer serve our needs or wants.  We talk about living in a way that honours our beliefs, and supports our beliefs instead of in contradiction to them.  It is my favorite part because really listening to the voice inside of us as we seek the words to label our beliefs, we begin to really see what we honestly believe and what we simply carry with us, as baggage or by habit.  It was the writing of this part of Planet You, that brought me on to write Burn This Book, which talks not so much about beliefs, but about the things we carry with us that hurt, that serve no purpose other than to remind us of pain.  I think that every time we say "yes" to one more thing that is not true, that we do not want, we are simply adding another thin white scar across our already fragile hearts.  I believe that when we carry the pain of our past with us, we are only making sure thatour own history serves not to teach us but to defeat us.  We choose our limits as surely we choose our wings-- and I believe that many of us have become so caught up in the lack of choice, in the idea of the history that we've forgotten that we still have the power to choose.  That we still have the power of words and we can make a difference; we can change.    I've seen lots of new folks coming by the site (sure wish you'd leave a comment and say "hi" -- I love to get to know my readers).  I'd like to reach out personally and welcome you to whispersandwishes, and invite you to participate in either a Planet You or Burn This Book workshop.   You can learn more about either course at the Planet You site or you can contact me directly at  Over on your right, you can register for the newsletter and be updated about promotions, giveaways and new happenings.  I'm so glad you came to visit... I hope to see you again!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

A-Z of Me

A. Age: 42
B. Best friend: Steve
C. Crafts you love: Mixed media art, art journaling, paper crafting, book making, collage, mosaics... I kinda love it all, though I'm not partial to floral design
D. Dogs or Cats: prefer cats to dogs, but love them both.
E. Essential start to your day: silence, coffee and a cigarette in the dark as I check in on emails
F. Favorite color: purple.
G. Gold or Silver: Silver,
I. Instruments you play: Flute, Bass guitar (though so out of practice I'd have to relearn) I can peck at a piano, and I've a violin in the closet witing for me to learn-- I've always wanted to play.
J. Job title: Presentation Replenishment Manager, Teacher
K. Kids: One beautifl little boy, 4 years old.
L. Live: Louisiana
M. Mother’s name: Georgia
N. Nicknames: none any more
O. Overnight hospital stays: two that I can think of... and then I stayed overnight with my son when he was in a body cast
P. Pet peeves: poor grammar and spelling (there's a spell check and a grammar editor on your computer FFS, having to repeat myself, being spoken to when I can't see you.
Q. Quote from a movie: "I always meanwhat I say, even when I don't mean to say it." All That Jazz
R. Right or left handed: right dominant ambidexterous
S. Siblings: 1 brother, Older
U. Underwear: yes
V. Vegetable you hate: stewed tomatoes
W. What makes you run late: others or I can't find something, or I get busy and lose track of time.
X. X-Rays you’ve had: Teeth, knees, hips, mammogram.
Y. Yummy food that you make: I make the best brownies.  I make yummy truffles.  Caramel Frosting.
Z. Zoo animal: river otters.
feel free to copy and repost your own list... and link back so I can go check out Your List!

Monday, September 26, 2011

Superwoman meets the real world.

I'm Superwoman.  I know I am.  My little boy tells me so: "Superhero Mama" he calls me.   I work a full time job, hold a relationship together, raise a child, make art, write, teach, and design art education programs.  When I listen carefully, i can hear the words you don't say.  When I speak carefully, I can say the words you need to hear.  I get up at four in the morning to go to my job.  I take fifteen minutes of quiet time with a cup of coffee, a cigarette and my computer before I start running around for my day.  I refuse to even begin the list of all I have to accomplish in one day until I've had those fifteen minutes.  Without them, I might as well forgo the superhero cape because I'm just a girl with too much to do.  Those moments of time to center and be still are what allow me to then tackle the rest of the world with a SuperHero mentality.  You ever here Batman say "I can't?"  Yeah, me either.  Because you never get anything done with those words.  I'm not saying that there's nothing I can't do, but I'd like to prove that first, before I refuse to even attempt something.  I'm not ashamed of my failures:  I've learned a lot from them... and my scars identify the places I've been, the battles I've fought, and the things I've lost or gained along the way.  Being a SuperHero is just making the choice, to get up and put on the spandex, everyday.  And let me tell you, at 42, spandex doesn't wear as well on me as it used to.  But here's the thing about being a Super Hero.  It takes  alot of work.  It takes a lot of energy.  And it takes a lot faith.  You have to know your weakness-- your fatal flaw.  Every super hero has one (can we all say Kryptonite?) and for me it is really simple:  it's the word "yes".  I deal with the world by saying "yes, I can," and sometimes the answer really needs to be "No, I'm not able to take that on right now."  Or "No, that doesn't meet my needs."  But as a Super Hero, I believe that I can.  so I do... and do, and do and do until the exhaustion of realizing that there is always something else to do sets in.  And then... oh boy... That spandex feels like it really doesn't fit.  That I'm just my four year old with a bath towel around my neck saying "woohoo, look at me, I'm superhero Seamus and I can fly."   
What it is though, is that we get so good at busy, at meeting needs, schedules, deadlines, demands, that we forget that the art of being a good super hero is having an alter ego.   And that's where I come in... me.  Planet Kaere... in a beat up pair of Vera Wang jeans that fit me like they were made for me (and my first pair of jeans in a size 10 instead of a 12 :), and a tank top that feels good against my skin, bare feet and hair down.  Me... I still work a full time job, still hold a relationship together, still raise a child, make art, write, teach... all those things... but I do it every day because here on Planet Kaere, sometimes a girl is just a girl.  And sometimes it's time to just shrug your shoulders and say "the world will get along just fine without me."   Because... you know what.  It will.  If I don't put the dishes in the sink... the counter isn't going to collapse.  If I don't finish every project on my list today, the world isn't going to grind to a screeching life threatening halt.   Because as just a girl... I give myself more permission to attempt, instead of the pressure to succeed.  I love a good Save The Day as much as the next guy, but sometimes, just plain Survive The Day is the best I've got...  and you know what... That makes me a superhero, too-- just as my alter ego.  And I've got to say... that whether it's spandex or blue jeans... making the attempt every day is pretty fabulous.

Don't forget: you can join me for  Burn This Book, beginning October 7th or Planet You anytime this month.  For more information about either course, you can always contact me directly at or leave a comment here.  Join my newsletter for updates on journal writing workshops, special sales at the shop, and discounts and promotions on my workshops.

Make something beautiful with your heart and your hands,

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Making art, writing, and taking time to breathe

Wow... the days just fly by and I find myself making a list every day of the things I need to do and accomplish as deadlines, whether actual or self imposed, approach.  My favorite (and only, this year) Craft show is coming up on October 15th, the new Planet You workshop, Burn This Book, goes live on October 7th--  can't wait to shoot video for this with the camera my boss lent me.  In my "real life" job, we have the corporate fall tour coming this week, some additional drama and changes, which, though I think they are needed, add some stress to my workload and environment.  I'm still busy gutting my crafting spaces, trying to minimize the clutter and create a space where I can work and then clean up without disturbing the projects that are in "process".  Do I sound like I'm complaining?   Yikes!  Let me back this up a bit then:  I LOVE what I do, even on the days when I hate what I'm doing... I love my real life job, and I love making art and altering books, I love teaching art classes, and I'm so totally in love with the Planet You stuff that someties it is hard for me to focus on anything else! 
              This time of year, the Autumn, is my favorite time of year.  I love the cooler weather, and the way the world begins to pull in on itself.  I love watching the leaves change  and fall, and to see the decorations for Hallowe'en and Fall begin to appear.  Carving pumpkins is one of my favorite things to do.  Hallowe'en is my favorite holiday--  Every year I carve a new craft pumpkin to add to my collection and carve one live pumpkin.  I haven't decided what I want to carve this year-- any one have a suggestion?
Tow-Mater Pumpkin
               I've been busy altering glass Lanterns for the craft show-- just love working on little panes of glass.  I'm still working on all those journals, too.  My friend, Ashley, is holding an online auction for National Adoption month.  Check out her website, Blessings in a Basket, to see her amazing organization, and you can contact her if you'd like to donate a piece of art for the auction.   
                I have a request for all of you who have taken the Planet You workshop:  I would love your feedback for the course for my newsletter and the website.  If you have a comment that you would let me share, please leave me a comment here, or you can post it at the planet you facebook page, send me an email at, or send a message via the planet you message system (in your profile at Planet You.   And if you haven't already registered for the newsletter, there's one of those fun little clicky buttons on the right that will allow you to sign up for the newsletter.  I promise not to inundate you with email!  
               I think that I have forgotten, yet again, how to slow down and take time to just be at peace with my world and my place in it.  I get so excited about upcoming projects or ideas that I get all busy in my head and with my hands and then... oh heck... it's another mess and bedtime!   and on that note... I ought to get some cleaning and organizing done this morning-- our local Toys-R-Us has Geoffrey's birthday party today and we like to take Seamus there to have a little fun.   

Make something beautiful with your heart and your hands,

Saturday, September 17, 2011

A little "me" on the page

Here is one of those journals I'd been making in the craftroom last week.  I seem to be able to finish two at a time.  I just love making them.  Inside they are lined blank book pages.  Just lovely.  

butterfly journal
Well... it's Saturday afternoon already-- how did that happen?  I slept in, til 5:30 this morning, got up, made the coffe, went back over some of the Planet You stuff, took three phone calls on the art workshop I'm teaching in October, got my little one up... oh... yeah, that's where the time went.  I do all this stuff with a four year old.   I love my little lad dearly but I so often forget to budget his needs for my time into my time.    I spent most of the morning slamming back coffee and writing the new Planet You workshop, Burn This Book.  If you know me via facebook, or you've taken Planet You, then you've probably heard me talk about Burn this Book.  The new workshop will start on Saturday October 7th.  It will also be a three week class and includes a handmade book tutorial.  The book for this class is really easy (and inexpensive) to make and though in this course, we use it as a journal, it can be easily adapted and embellished to use as a scrapbook or memory album.  Unlike the first Planet You class, Burn This Book is target specific in getting your "junk" on the page, and then, yes, into the fire.  In this workshop, we'll talk about the things we carry in our hearts that we no longer want or need, why they are there and how to get them out.  You'll focus on just one of those things for the three week session and there will be weekly chats where you can talk directly with me and your fellow workshop participants about your process, your progress and your project and any thing else you might want to talk about!   Though writing Planet You wasn't that long ago, I had forgotten how much "me" goes into the writing.  I am so very excited about Burn This Book, but also exhausted.   Registration for Burn This Book is open at Planet You , and course kits will be available at the Planet You Shop  by the 21st.  Course kits are not required but it will put the supplies for the book making part of the corse in your hands... all you will need is your adhesive of choice.    If you haven't signed up for the Planet You newsletter, there is a link to the right.  the newsletter will be biweekly and fill you in on the latest news, special discounts and promotions and any other good stuff!  See you here and in the classroom.
Make something beautiful with your heart and your hands,

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Two days 'til September Session of Planet You

Hey all... been so busy making new journals, with work, trying to finish up writing Burn This Book, and getting the teaching with the state thing nailed down.    Kinda feels like I'm being pulled in a  million directions right now.   I just wanted to let y'all know that through the launch date of Planet You, registration will now be only $10.00.   You can register at Planet You through midnight September 18th. You'll need to register first at the site and then for the course.   Planet You is a more than just a writing workshop, it is a way of seeing yourself and your place in the world, so if you find yourself struggling with not only journaling but also juggling your many labels, wants, commitments and dreams, I believe that you'll really enjoy the Planet You.  
Hope to see you  in the classroom!

Make something beautiful with yur heart and your hands,

Friday, September 9, 2011

Countdown to Planet You September

I had been holding off posting until I had actually finished any of the projects in the art room but i got myself embroiled in a process and made more pieces than I can finish right away.  I've been altering journals and having an absolutely WONDERFUL time with it.  I hope to have pictures up sometimes within the next week.  The craft show that I do once a year is rapidly approaching and I'm so excited about it this year.   But I really wanted to just talk for a few minutes about Planet You and you.  I've noticed a lot more people stopping by and I'm thrilled that Planet You has caught your interest.   I hope that you'll join us this month for the next session.  You can view a preview for the course here on the blog or at the classroom.  You can take the free mini course on writing to give you an idea of my style and what your course materials will look like.  If you are interested in art journaling supplies, you can also stop by Planet You for great deals on limited in stock items like Pitt Markers and Crafters Workshop stencils, or order a a mixed media art journal kit (with or without a journal).  You will have access to Planet You for one year, and of course, the downloadable files are yours to keep forever.  Over the course of the year, I'll add bonus material to the classroom and you'll receive an email about it.  (you can also join my email list here for updates and special offers from The Planet You).  I sure hope to see you this month in the classroom!

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Winners Announced!

Hi!   I'm so happy to announce the winners of the Planet You giveaway!  I loved reading your commentss and really appreciate your help spreading the word about Planet You. 

comment on the Blog Post:  Emily
Like the Planet You web page: Alicia
Refer to Planet You on your facebook/blog et c.:  Tracey

Thanks to every one who entered!  I'll be sending you an email with your log-in/ registration information for the course.   There will be another giveaway for Planet You over at Kara Haupt's site, I just might explode sometime in the next few weeks.  

There are still some great items at the Planet You Shop and remember that domestic shipping is included in all prices.  

I'm still processing all the information from my meeting with the Bicentennial Program for Louisiana, but I do know that I'll be teaching 2 workshops on October 6th (100 teachers)  and then I'm scheduled to teach students once a month in November, January, February, March, June, September and October.  I have yet to see the fine print but I'm really excited.