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Sunday, July 31, 2011

The launch of Planet You

wow... just...Wow.  I've spent the day being busy at work and trying to not think that here in this dimension of the world Planet You has begun.  I've had a chance to interact with some of the course participants this evening and that gives me an overwhelming sense of "yes, this is real."   You see, Planet Kaere is just me... stripped down, the very real, very actual me.  But becoming Planet Kaere and staying true to it has been a long journey, is still my journey and the idea that the tools I've used along the way might just be the tools that will get you on your way seemed a little... well, narcissistic.  But the more I've talked about Planet Kaere, the more I've realized that I don't just believe in Planet Kaere... I believe in Planet You... ad i may well believe in it more than you do, because while I'm a firm believer in all the things we don't know and thinking that we do KNOW is usually a big mistake, I do know that we are all very much alike...  I believe that there is so much possibility in each and every one of us and that we spend much of our lives afraid of all that we can be.  I believe that the idea of success scares us so much that we instead choose to believe that we will fail.   Another thing  I do know is that the only sure failure is the failure to try.  So I took Planet Kaere to Planet You... and I can only say that i am so awed by your support and responses to this project.  I wish each of you success on your journey to Planet You.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Planet You Mini Course

Here's a little warm up for the Planet You journaling workshop.  Registration is open until the 30th.
Can't wait to see you in the classroom.
Please note: to get the writing prompts referred to at the end of the course, you'll have to go to The Planet You and download the pdf file.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Planet You Preview

I am so excited to bring you a preview of Planet You:

Journaling workshop mixed media kits are available the Planet You shop.  Remember they are not  necessary for the course.
Hope to see you there!  Registration is now open at Planet You.  The 10.00 discounted price will be available through the 24th.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

The Planet You journalling workshop coming soon

Hi.  Okay.  I've been gone again, but this time I've been gone because I've been spending a lot of time on Planet Kaere developing a journal writing workshop called The Planet You.

So let me tell you a little about the workshop:  This is NOT an art journaling class-- I will not be teaching art techniques or talking about art supplies, but I will have mixed media journalling kits available for purchase if you would like them(please note that the shop is still being edited, but kits are currently available.  This IS a writing workshop designed to help you talk to the place I call Planet You.  It is a three week course with a video classroom with downloadable scripts and journal prompts/writing projects.    This course is for you if you want to get to know yourself a little (or a lot) better.  This course is for you if you feel like you are living way to many lives and feel that you can't hear the voice inside you any more.  If you have taken an art journaling workshop (and there are a bunch of great ones out there) and feel that you got a lot of art but not so much writing out of it, then you'll love The Planet You. 

The workshop will be open for registration beginning Wednesday, July 20th and registration will remain open up until the start of the course on Sunday, July 31st, at 4:00 pm. CST.   The cost of the workshop is $15.00 US, but if you register before the 24th, you can register for only $10.00.    Journaling kits will ship US priority mail, so if you order one before the 27th, you should have it before the beginning of the class.  

I'm really excited and hope that you'll join me. 
Make some beautiful with your heart and your hands,

(this post will be edited with links to the classroom and shop, so please check back.)