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If you've found me through Effy Wild's Book of Days, an extra special welcome...  I am pleased to offer the discount to all of you who would like to take a writing workshop in tandem with the fabulous art journaling that Effy is sharing with us.  You will receive an enrolment key in Effy's weekly dispatch, you may access the key at the facebook page, and if you don't have access to any of that, you are welcome to contact me directly at admin @ the planet  you . com (just remove the spaces :) )
There is also a coupon code for the planet you shop.  Please remember that I carry only a limited stock on any item and may never be able to get a particular item again.   For your convenience (and my math challenged brain) shipping is included in t he cost of each item, so the price you see is the price you pay.  Read on for more information about the Planet you Workshops.... looking forward to seeing you there!
The Planet You writing workshops have been developed to help you listen to that whisper I talk so often about and get you writing.    Currently, there are two workshops in The Planet You series, Planet You and Burn This Book.    Planet You is a three week course  that is designed to get you talking to that voice inside and get your voice on the page.  Burn This Book is aso a three week course, includes a book making tutorial, and is target specific on helping you get your "junk" out of your heart, onto the page, and then, yes, literally, into the fire.    Each course in The Planet You workshop series is a stand alone course--  you don't need to take Planet You to do any other workshop.  
Courses are set up with a video classroom, downloadable pdf files (including the video transcript) and a live weekly chat session with Kaere, the course creator.  You have access to the classroom for a full year, and you may participate in the chat sessions for any following course session simply by requesting access to the current workshop session. 
Register  HERE for either workshop.  Both workshops will run in an immediate access format until 2012.  Upon enrollment in the course, you'll have access to all the material.  This time of year, the last thing we need is one more schedule to schedule!
Don't forget to join the mailing list so you can be updated on new course offerings, special promotions, discounts and giveaways.