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Friday, November 4, 2011

NaBloPoMo Day Four and some other thoughts

So, Today's prompt is:
When you are writing, do you prefer to use a pen or a computer?  and that's not terribly easy to answer for me.   When I am journaling or writing the class material for the Planet You workshops... I write with a pen or pencil (and I use the word "pen" loosely-- most of the time you'll find me scratching away at my papges with a sharpie marker).   When I am writing fiction I perfer to sit at my computer and write, as long as the writing is coming smoothly-- when I am struggling with ways to make the words say what I want them to, I'm back to paper and a pen for awhile.  I think it is the contact of creation that makes me more comfortable with a pen than a keyboard.  I love the speed with which I can acccomplish a "finished" piece on the computer, but I do NOT feel as connected to my work when I am typing.    I am not a skilled typist.  I have a very advanced hunt and peck method-- I have to edit a lot if i want to watch the words appear as I type, or I have to keep my head bent down over the keyboard to see the keys.   I prefer the "heart" of handwriting, but I love the flexibility of document creating with a computer.  So... my answer is really... both.   As a blogger, I've grown  comfortable writing on the keyboard, but as a girl who has been keeping a journal for three decades, I prefer a pen.   If journaling is something you've shied away from or you'd love to start but just don't know how, The Planet You writing workshop is a great way to get yourself going.  In the new year, there will be two new workshops added.  You can register for the newsletter here.   The best part of discovering your voice as a writer is discovering your voice.  The voice that speaks when we create is the voice that whispers inside us about everything.   And that voice inside you has a lot to say--

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Jewels said...

I LOVE what you said at the end about your voice. Beautiful.