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Monday, November 7, 2011

Nov 7 prompt: How do you balance your children, relationship, and work life?

Heh... now there's a question... and if any of you have an answer I'd love it.  I don't balance it.  plain and simple.  I work for Michaels, love my job but don't love the stress and the five am shift...  I have a four year old... and I'm an older parent (42) and I live with my partner (who is again asking about when we are getting married... and marriage is just not something I am looking to do again).  I teach here online, make art, play games and am a bit of an information junkie so I do lose a lot of time to the computer.  But I don't feel that my "lives" are balanced.  I give more quality "me" at work than i do at home.  I think my son doesn't get the best mom out of me as often as not.  I think that my partner gets the short end of my temper, time and energy.   Part of what gives me the most trouble is that I really need alone time... and that's hard for a four year old to give.  And it's hard for my partner who has spent his whole day with a four year old to then give me more time "away" when I get home.  I  get frustrated with everyone when I do not get enough time on my own and I dislike being frustrated.  Balancing the demands and stresses of all the different parts of my life is something I learn a little more about each  day... and some days, I only learn that I am really bad at it : ) 

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