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Thursday, November 24, 2011

November 24, 2011, do you prefer to be alone or around other people

Now... this one is also a bit of a sticky one for me... because, while I enjoy people and love to talk, I'm somewhat shy, and i deserately crave silence and time alone.    I work in retail, and am a manager, so I have to interact with people on a daily basis on both a personal and professional level...   and while I enjoy all aspects of my job, there are times, even during my work day where I simply have to walk outside and get away from the noise and the people-- and nothing has to be wrong to trigger that, just my need to create a little cushion of silence....  So I would say that the core of this is that I prefer to be alone... but I do enjoy time with other people when I can control the amont of time i have to be in that environment...  and don't get me wron, it's not just staff and clientele, but also family and friends that I still need to separate from and get some down time.    I'm a better me when I get time alone.

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