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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Weekly Challenge over at Brave Girls club, and a little crafting...

Y'all know I've been busy with Brave Girl's Club, taking the online workshop "Soul Restoration."  I have to say that the best part of this has been the community of women that I've found.... immensely talented, deeply motivated, and full of caring for each other.  I've been heavily participating in The "What is your challenge" group, which encourages us to make a weekly challenge and stick to it... I've managed to clean my desk (and keep it that way) the bedside table and built in bookshelf by the bed, the nook shelf, and am now beginning on the craft room floor.   I am so loaded down with stuff that I'm overwhelmed by the mess, but I'm making a little bit of progress each week  and nothing feels better than getting a grip on this mess... well, not a lot feels better.  One of the women I've met here runs a nonprofit that supports Birth mothers... and she is a pretty amazing young woman.  Her organization gives going home baskets to birth mothers, and I am donating some journals for her baskets. Blessings in a Basket is a really neat organization and I encourage to check it out.   I love making books, whether completely by hand or altering prestructured ones, so this gives me a great creative outlet and lets me place my books in the hands of people who really will enjoy having them.   Here are the two I made this week:  
"discover" journal
Cherry Blossoms journal

Hope y'all are busy making something beautiful... whether with your hands or in your hearts.


scrapwordsmom said...

Just stopping by from Brave Girls and SR class. Thought I'd say hi and check out your blog!! Did you create all that stuff in your header? Love those JOY frames. So fun!!

I am loving the class so much. How about you? Learning to be brave and reach out!!!

Have a wonderful day!!!


sandi said...

SUCH beautiful things!!! Thanks for visiting my blog - you say we've met before on something, but I don't know your name!! Who are you? LOL I was hoping your profile would give that to me, but I couldn't find it. I suppose I could post at soul restoration - "who is whispers and wishes!!!"