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Sunday, January 9, 2011

An Organized Life...

Gods... I hate cleaning... I hate organizing... and I hate sorting things. But I LOVE the end result. I have been busy trying to clear the landslide that has become my desk and the surrounding four feet... and I've managed to make enough progress that I can actually see some of the surface of my desk. And I can open the filing cabinet drawers... If I were Brave, I'd post a picture of the mess that this was when I started and the mess it still is after about three hours of work... and hopefully the mess it no longer is after I'm finished. What I need though is the ability to then keep it clean and organized. It is so easy for me to create another pile... say "Oh, I"ll put that away later" and the next thing you know... LAST YEAR's Christmas cards are still on my desk... Plodding away but one step at a time, and I'm sure I"ll get there. It's one of my goals for this year... get and STAY organized.

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