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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Ten things you might not know about me (and will probably still wish you didn't)

Hmm...  Was just spending time over at Christy Tomlinson's blog and she has a 10 things post that she challenged her readers to do as well... Now... I'm not near as talented as Christy and this will be a much shorter 10 list, and I'm not even sure ten people read this anymore...  but here goes:

1. I love horror novels...  love them... would hate to tell you how many nights I simply didn't sleep because I wanted to finish reading a book!

2. I once lost so much weight (from a size 12 to a size four) that I couldn't adjust my body image to my actual body size.  I had to go shopping with someone because I could not pick out clothes that would fit. 

3. Paper crafting was not my first love... I used to really love to paint and draw and sew...  I made my own clothes, painted huge abstract canvases and drew murals for my school and our local haunted house.

4.  Deep down, I think you are a way better person than I am.

5.  I am physically disturbed by the sound of ripping fabric... It makes my throat close up and I feel as though I cannot breathe.

6.  I prefer night to day but I am more a morning person.

7.  I was adopted before I was born, but did not get to live with my new family until two and half months after I was born.

8.  I never use the last of anything-- I won't eat the last cookie, take the last soda, throw out the little remainder piece of ribbon...

9.  I do believe that people are good and kind and yet, I do not believe that all people are.

10. I survived Hurricane Katrina and have never been the same.

So... that's the ten things that come to mind without thinking about them...   10 lists are actually a great way to get yourself writing, out of a rut, into a new way of seeing, and for cataloguing memories...  Make yourself one...
10 things I'd like to learn
10 things i wish I'd never said
10 things I believe about myself that aren't true...
you pick... share if you want.. or get yourself a nifty journal and write them down... 

hope you're making something beautful...


gssfam said...

Wow! Such a great list! I hate that you lived through katrina...but thank God you did survive and hopefully you came out on top! :D

Lisa said...

Yes! You do have a great list. Katrina was awful and I know things we go through make us stronger so I'm sure you will be one tough momma now! Glad to "meet" you!!