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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Toddler at Easter and a book for a coworker

Between Easter with a toddler, work and life in general, I've had a hard time making it back here in the past week. The little guy really had a wonderful time picking plastic eggs up off the lawn and putting them in his basket. I can't wait to scrap those pics. I did make a small board book for a coworker this week though and learned some shortcuts.... I used a photo mount spray adhesive and adhered the paper to sheets of thin cardboard first, then traced the book shape and cut them out... much faster and easier than working on precut chip board. A big plug here for Tim Holtz's Kush Grip Scissors by Tonic, they made this project a breeze. I use an emory board for the edge sanding which is fast and easy and rarely tears the edges. It also angles into those very tight corner cuts. I played around with a lot of tools for this one: Dymo labels, the Design Runner, a Journaling Stamp, and of course, my usual favourites, distress ink and masks. Four pages ... eight sides, about four hours of work. My camera and I are at odds with the photography so this is really the only good picture I was able to get. I have about five other projects running around my head that I hope to be able to get done in the next few days, but life with the toddler often gets in the way! I'll have at least something done by Sunday so... until then, y'all keep doing creative things with paper... what a wonderful thing to take something so usual and make something so... not.

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