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Friday, April 17, 2009

Mother's Day Sale at

Ah krikey... as if I haven't already too much to do... is hosting a Mother's Day sale... and encouraging that we get as many new things in our store as possible... I haven't even caught up to the baby stuff I wanted to get done... My average day has so much piled into it that I'm often just plain too fried to make it to the craft room (which still needs cleaning out) and sit down at the table (which still needs to be cleared off everytime I want to use it) and then actually get some work done. Work... which is actually play and fun... and then the night flies past me and it's midnight... and the little boy, bless his sweetpea heart will be getting up in four hours (bad night) five hours (average night) six hours (mommy loves you very much for the extra sleep). Oh and... I can't give away any of the details, but if you are a cricut user, you might want to head on over to your local Michaels on Sunday... so... I'm going to drag my tired butt to the craft room and see what little piece of something sparks my imagination.

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