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Monday, April 6, 2009


some days I avoid the craft table like the plague... today is one of those days... I've had months to get a baby shower card made and I still haven't managed to get it done. I did get my desk cleaned (mostly) and some of the bills paid... and it's only ten thirty... so if I pull off something fast and easy I could get a card made and still get to bed by 11... but I'm really thinking about just digging through my collection of cards and using something not handmade... all the gifts that I'm sending to the shower I made... so maybe a store bought card will be okay... and as I write that I know that I mean not okay but that I'll forgive myself for not making one... nope... just checked and nothing I have is shower suitable.. so now I'm thinking maybe no card at all and just let the gifts speak for themselves.... that might work... I'm really tired these last few days... we've had inventory at work which makes for early mornings and a lot of time playing the hurry up and wait game... but it went well and is now over so my schedule gets back to normal for the rest of the week... which is good because while I've avoided the craft table today, I do have some projects that I'd like to get working on as well as one that needs a few finishing touches. It really is wonderful to be getting back into doing things again.

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