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Friday, April 3, 2009

playing with the Xyron design runner

So I was able to take some time tonight to play with the design runner... I am enchanted with making tags right now... and one of the store managers for the company I work for is getting a new store... he's excited but stressed so I borrowed the State Farm Insurance Ad text.... "you know the place where X meets Y? I'm so there" and made him a tag. I haven't taken pics yet but I'll add them to this post tomorrow sometime... the inks are still drying on the tag. I also made a thank you tag for one of the girls I work with but still haven't finished the thank you card... I really am avoiding that one for some reason. Tomorrow needs to be more of clean up and organise day than getting any projects done day but I'll see what happens. I'm surrounded by so much clutter that I have to clear a space to work every time I set about a project.

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