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Sunday, October 30, 2011

The night Before Hallowe'en....

Ah... this is my favorite Holiday of the year... The one night we are encouraged to be someone else, and are rewarded for it.  We are asked to imaghine ourselves as any other somebody or something, and the only limit is what we can imagine ourselves to be.  I loved making my costumes as a kid... i had a store bought costume only once in my childhood--- little miss muffett, and though there were weeks of preparation, I still managed to scare myself in the mirror with that spider on the side of my plastic mask.  I believe in the power of make believe.  I believe in the power of pretending.   There is quote from Joseph Cotton that I often find myself referrencing  "It is good to act as if.  It is better when it is no longer an act."    What we believe, even if only what we are pretending, has a life of it's own.  The act of believing brings the idea into being.  And how amazing is that?   My son is four, and terribly excited to be going trick-or-trating this year dressed as a GhostBuster  (yes, he's a little old for his age).  He is worried that Hallowe'en is meant to be "spooky" but he is fairly certain that Mom can keep him safe, and if i can't, he has a Blaster and a Proton Pack, and that ought to make everything alright.    As everything else in my life begins to move into that too much too soon too fast pace, I love this last moment of time to just believe, for a night that I can be anyone I choose.   
As the Autumn deepens, I remind myself to slow down, to take a cue from nature and allow myself to take the time to recharge, and gather my energy for the coming seasons.  This has been such an exciting year for me, with the creation of Planet You, the return to making art, the return to teaching art... and all the challenges and leaps of faith that these ventures have brought.  I have made many new friends, been inspired and supported by people all across the world, and the little miracles continue to unfold each day.    For the remainder of the year, The Panet You and Burn This Book will run as open enrollment workshops (registration will be available on the fourth).  You may join in at any time and have immediate access to all three weeks of the course material.    I will be releasing the new workshops in the Planet You series shortly after Christmas.  There will be a Planet You II workshop, a body image/self identity class,  a book of letters, and possibly a few others.  To be updated on the new workshops, don't forget to register for the newsletter.  I promise I don't send tons of email and I will never release your email address to anyone else, ever.    I hope that tomorrow, you find some magic, not only nbeing you, but in being whoever you wish to be for the day.  
Make something beautiful with your heart and your hands,

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Tracey said...

Beautifully written, Kaere. Thanks for reminding me of the magic of make believe! Have fun with your little Ghostbuster :)