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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Have you ever noticed that the more you talk about something...

The more real it becomes?  Yeah... ideas are an amazing thing.  words even more so...  As The Planet You has come into being, the more I talk about the course, and the upcoming courses, the more I know that this is what I'm meant to be doing...  Yes... the feedback from course participants is awesome, and it helps me focus... but the conversatios I have had, one on one about The Planet You material just get me so fired up.  Strangely, thouh all of my participants, thus far,have been women, the people I talk to most in my actual world are men... and what is so awesome about that is that i get feedback from a different perspective-- and from people who are not as  likely to share in this type of experience.  I spent the day at my favorite craft show, St. Patrick's annual Herb and Harvest fest, had a wonderful day, sold some art, some journals, a bunch of summer scarves, and had a blast... but I also got a chance to really talk through what I think will become the next Planet You course, on body image and identity.   It is so soul sucking to face the mirror each day with dread and loathing... and it is so unnecessary... You are beautiful... even if you've got a face like a foot and haven't seen your toes since god was 2.  You are beautiful.   Even if you're all angles and sharp bony features.  Being Beautiful isn't about the flesh bag of bones, it's about what that sack carries.   Believing in your own beauty is about understanding that our soul sack is meant to be useful and cared for...  and understanding how, what and why others respond to us.   So just to let you know... I'm thinking, and writing, and testing the waters... and I think this next class will have book making and collage projects, as well as writing. 

Burn This Book is being well received, and I thank all of you for your feedback and interest. 
The October session of Planet You begins on the 21st, and you can register here.    Here's what one participant said about Planet you:
 I've always wanted to write, and I've always known that I could write. As a linguist I strongly believe in the power that our words hold. Journalling seemed like an obvious and non-threatening way to begin, but when I tried nothing happened. Nothing! I knew I had the words inside me, but I just couldn't find them. I was overwhelmed by the blank page. I was afraid to find those words and my voice, and perhaps even afraid of finding MYSELF in those words. Then Kaere created "The Planet You" and I hoped that her writing talent might rub off on me! The Planet You prompts gently helped me to explore my heart and find what I needed to say. I found that the little steps of the "Planet You" curriculum led me to where I felt safe and free to write. Having the classroom chat was helpful in encouraging me to overcome my fears and share, and just write. Suddenly there were so many things I wanted to express! I had found my voice, and discovered myself on the way. Now I can't stop writing, and it feels GREAT!

I 'm ever so glad you stopped by here and I would love to see you in the classroom

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Beatrice, Bea, Bibi--That's me! said...

Planet You gave me a voice--the voice I have a tendency to ignore. Something to think about always and just learning how to be ME and learning how to accept ME the I am. Always thought provoking and honest....Kaere and Planet You brings out that voice that is buried for many many reasons. I love Planet You. I know that Burn This Book will give allow us to finally give voice to the those things that we have carried for years but were afraid to really REALLY talk about--and a way to get rid of the "weight" once and for all!!