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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Gearing up for the next session of Planet You

Wow... this summer seems to be flying by.  I am thoroughly amazed by all the new and different things that are happening in my life, and in the world around us.   The first session of Planet You is well under way and registration for the second session is open at the classroom-- the class starts September 16th and costs $15.00.  Course material remains accessible to you for a full year, and of course, I am happy to answer any questions you might have.  If you missed the preview for the course, I have added it here again, and the free mini course is down a few posts or at the classroom-- you can access it without enrolling.  I am busy writing the next workshop, Burn This Book, a slightly "heavier" journaling project to get your "demons" on the page, and then, yes, into the fire.  We'll talk about light and shadow, destruction and rebirth, and purging/cleansing.  Sounds a little scary, doesn't it?  But no... Burn This Book will be a great chance to give your heart a little "spring cleaning" and you'll learn to make a really easy (and inexpensive) bound book.  I love this type of book for "disposable" journals, but it also adapts well to mini-albums and event scrapbooks.   Writing these workshops has felt like coming home for me-- a place to rest,  to be still and listen, and above all, to create with words again.  I have been so busy making art that I have not taken  the time to be at one with my words and this has been really wonderful.  I love getting a chance to talk to the course participants!  New supplies and Burn This Book course kits will be available at the Shop  (check out the great deal on Faber Castell markers) within the next few weeks.  
I'll  be away on my vacation the third week of August-- so looking forward to some time at the beach and time with my family.   I'll post some pictures when I get back.   Meanwhile, Leslie Ackman has an amazing giveaway on her blog to celebrate her "nearly" 400 blog posts.  She is a thougtful writer and I always enjoy giving her blog a visit.  Stop by and wish her Happy Posting!

Make something beautiful with your heart and your hands,


Kelly R said...

thanks for stopping by my blog! nice to met you. your blog is very nice. i gotta read more about your "planet me." wishing you much success. take care!

scrapwordsmom said...

What a wonderful have so many creative things going on!! I love that you are teaching classes. That is something else I'm working on...I have a Christmas Art Journaling Workshop coming up...excited about that!!

Also thank you for blogging about me and my give away...

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