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Sunday, July 31, 2011

The launch of Planet You

wow... just...Wow.  I've spent the day being busy at work and trying to not think that here in this dimension of the world Planet You has begun.  I've had a chance to interact with some of the course participants this evening and that gives me an overwhelming sense of "yes, this is real."   You see, Planet Kaere is just me... stripped down, the very real, very actual me.  But becoming Planet Kaere and staying true to it has been a long journey, is still my journey and the idea that the tools I've used along the way might just be the tools that will get you on your way seemed a little... well, narcissistic.  But the more I've talked about Planet Kaere, the more I've realized that I don't just believe in Planet Kaere... I believe in Planet You... ad i may well believe in it more than you do, because while I'm a firm believer in all the things we don't know and thinking that we do KNOW is usually a big mistake, I do know that we are all very much alike...  I believe that there is so much possibility in each and every one of us and that we spend much of our lives afraid of all that we can be.  I believe that the idea of success scares us so much that we instead choose to believe that we will fail.   Another thing  I do know is that the only sure failure is the failure to try.  So I took Planet Kaere to Planet You... and I can only say that i am so awed by your support and responses to this project.  I wish each of you success on your journey to Planet You.

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