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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Thoughts about life and art, and listening...

Things are busy busy right now and I'm trying hard to keep my focus on all the things i need to get done and all the things that are just not that important...  I'm working on the new Planet You workshop, Burn This Book, working on the art project for the State of Louisiana Bicentennial, working on my regular job, trying to gain some order to the chaos of my crafting spaces and my house in general and working really hard to remember that I am only one person and I cannot do everything by myself.  It is easy, especialy for women, to forget that we are not an island, that we cannot do everything all the time for every one.  We wear so many hats and have so many nouns that describe our day to day life that we get lost in there, buried under the verbage and the ever present to do lists.  I know that for me, when I do not take the time to write in my journal and to make a little art, I get angry and frustrated and everything else just falls out of place.  I resent everyone and everything around me for taking away my "me" time.  I also know that the only person who can make that "me" time happen is me... so I then get angry and frustrated with myself instead of doing the simplest thing.  Put whatever it is I am doing down, turn off the t.v. or the computer and walk away.  Go lay on my big comfy bed and grab a pen and write or go sit in the glorious sunroom and paint and play with paper.  Every day, we choose to fill our lives with something or a bunch of somethings that don't fill the little need in ourselves that we already know makes us our best.  I need the few extra minutes of quiet in the predawn hours with a cup of coffee and silence-- they allow me to center and empty my head of the garbled up lists of expectatons and just find the things that are important, today.  I need fifteen minutes, minimum, every day, with my nose in a book or a good art magazine or blog just to be immersed in someone else's talent and gifts.  I need to pick up a pen whether to write or make art, every day.   How about you?  what little whisper do you have that you know you need to listen to to bring peace into your life?  I was listening to my partner talk this evening about the opportunity to play bass with a local band, and it struck me that I think he knows he needs to play, but that he never makes the time to do it.  And sometmes that is because he is making sure he is giving me time to do the things I need to do, but mostly it is because he rarely ever listens to the voice that says "I want" or "I need".  Please, take the time to listen to the voice that says those things to you.   I promise it will make you happier.  

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