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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Last Two Journals for Blessings In A Basket

confusion is a pattern you don't understand yet
Wow... these were some fun to make...   Nothing terribly complex here... just a lot of dry time... The patterned textures are made by applying modeling paste (or thin plaster) through a screen (mask, template, stencil)...  I particularly like using  die cut papers as a mask because there is so much surface area design.  I played with a lot of things I've been collecting for my journal making and just hadn't made the time to use...
if i had wings
tissue tape, 7 gypsies binding rings,  and I'm really grateful to work for letting me use the guillotine cutter for cutting my pages-- cutting a journal size stack of paper on a bypass trimmer stinks!   The little butterfly acrylic gem is from the stash that my mom sent me... She's been sending me little packages with embellishments and packs of paper as she finds them on clearance where she lives.  She gives me a lot of support in my endeavors.   I love making books... altering them or starting from scratch... this is the first time I've made this many in such a short period of time and it was really an experience.  As I struggled with the design concept of one, the idea for the next one would come to mind.  Most of the things I do on a production scale are "repeats" so I don't have to keep the creative fire on high-- this was really different.   I'm looking forward to a continued relationship with Blessings in a Basket.

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Flyover Pilgrim said...

LOVE the green journal cover.

LOVE it.