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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Just a few words...

Funny how just a few words can change everything... Sometimes that's a positive thing, sometimes it's not.  Hearing "I love you," or "Good job," has so much power.  I've been working really hard at saying the few words that will do the most good, while trying not to say the ones that hurt.  I'm not always good at it.  I lash out when I feel attacked, when I'm scared, when I'm tired (and y'all know, I'm tired pretty much all the time).  I've been trying to create better habits for myself and have been having a wonderful time making new things.  I have really been enjoying my experience making books, and I made some glass tile pendants with words like "brave" and "true" on them... (pictures to come soon).  I'm really loving branching out and forcing myself to take my crafting as an important part of my day.  I'm looking forward to starting Christy Tomlinson's She Art workshop and trying to decide if Soul Restoration 2 is in my budget.  Just wanted to pop in and give you an update, I'll post pictures and give more news later this week.
Hope you are busy making something beautiful with your hearts and your hands!

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Pearl Maple said...

I really enjoyed the Soul Restoration workshop,it was good value with all the special extras and most especially all the lovely people we got to meet.