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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Glass tile pendants... simple and such fun

I'm having the best time making these glass tile pendants.  Sure... some of it is that I LOVE LOVE LOVE playing with my typewriter, and, touching paper... but it really is something as simple as In less than an hour, I can have a piece of jewlry that matches my mood withcolour, pattern and a word.   Y'all know I believe in words... there were many years throughout which I really thought I'd be a writer and not a crafter.  But my love for making things is just as strong as my love for words... so  now I play with both in a way that makes my heart stretch a little bigger.  This week, I made Pink Ribbon Tiles, that feature the words "brave" or "hope"  and they are available at my Shop.  I'm still busy trying to organize my supplies and space so that I can spend more time crafting and less time looking for where I put that whatever the heck I'm looking for now item.  As it is,  have about a two foot space on the floor of my craft room where I can work.  I'm getting there... a little each day and maybe I'll have a clean enough space to be ready for the craft show coming up this fall... 
make something beautiful with your heart and your hands.

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Flyover Pilgrim said...

Definitely will go visit; present for my sister, a breast-cancer survivor.