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Saturday, May 16, 2009

took the week off... back now!

Hi all... sorry... it's been a rough week balancing Mom and Work and life. I made my way to the keyboard but simply couldn't get antyhing constructive down here, so i chose not to post at all. Hope I didn't disappoint anyone. I have been busy this week making paper quilt squares and working on my beaded flower brads. I'm hoping to get a spot as an outside artist over at and that has kept me busy. I did make the Winnie the pooh character magnets for my little one and he managed to pull them all apart within an hour... that leaves a bit to be said about the quality of the laminate/magnet for Xyron, but I suppose it was truly my fault. I should have added an extra adhesive layer knowing how much he loves to pick and pull at things. I've been busy with a birthday card for my Mom (hence the paper quilting) and I'll get pics posted soon. I hope everyone is having a wonderful week!

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Z said...

glad you are back--hey everyone now and then just needs a breather. Being a mom takes alot of work and energy--but so fulfilling and rewarding. good luck with the bday card can't wait to see it. have a blessed day!