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Saturday, May 9, 2009

almost mother's day

It's 11:30 at night and tomorrow is Mother's Day... there are still moments in every day that I would rather be me again, and not so responsible for another life. I did get a card made and int he mail to mom and I finished this baby page. This is done with the Die Cuts With a View baby boy series except for the ribbon, (Bobbin Ribbon), the swiss dot mat and photo corners (Anna Griffin papers) and the bright blue back paper, which i think is paper company, but I could be wrong. There is so much paper in my stash that I often don't know what is from whom! I was a little horizontally challenged on this one and my edges don't quite line up. By the time I noticed that I was a bit crooked I decided that I didn't want to start over. I love this picture of him sleeping. He still (at nearly 21 months) is sleep challenged and it's a rare night that he sleeps til morning. I also made some baby pooh character magnets today for him to play with on a magnetic board. He loves to play with stickers but still likes to tear pages from his books so I thought that a board and magnets might have more longevity. I'll post pics soon. While working on the baby characters, I've found that a toothpick is my best friend. I'm working at a 3 inch size which makes the detail cuts tiny and difficult but a toothpick cleans them right out. Most pieces I run through the Xyron sticker maker for ease and the tinier pieces i use my little Tombo adhesive runner. I need to spend some time organizing again as I get a new project idea before I get everything cleared off the craft table. I would love a little more storage space and I would really love a little more room but I do like that this space forces me to clean up after myself and organize on a regular basis.

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