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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Just a little chitter today...

the weather has turned to spring here and I so love not being not cold. The little guy is rapidly approaching 21 months and he amazes me daily. I am so inspired by his simple will. There was a challenge this week over at that I have failed to get myself involved in... I can no longer remember if the deadline is tomorrow or Mother's Day but I'll have to check. The Layout has to be about a day in your life... either a particular day or a regular old "this is my routine" day. A. I have no pics of my daily life and I'll be darned if I'm gonna show y'all pictures of my sink overflowing with dishes that need to be cleaned, window seat overflowing with clothes that need to be put away, scraproom overflowing with um... EVERYTHING... but it occurs to me as I think about not doing this challenge that one of the most amazing things happens most every morning... my little boy wakes before we do and he reaches over and pats me on the face and says "hi, hi, hi!" as though finding me there is the most wonderful thing in the world to him. And I think, in the only we can as adults think, that that is likely true. Finding me there IS still a surprise to him. Object permanence has yet to really take hold so in his world it is completely possible that I might be not there. Though I hate being woken at 5:00, or 6:00 and some days even 6:30 is still pretty hairy, that gentle pat on the face and the excitement in his voice shove my aggravated "mommy still needs to sleep" feelings away very easily. I am thinking about using some of my ideas for SuperMom meets The Real World for a day in the life page... so if it is still going on this weekend, I might actually get it done and entered into the challenge. If not, look forward to a SuperMom meets The Real World chipboard book coming soon! Sorry no pics today but (for a change) it's late and I'm tired.

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photoluv said...

Gotta love being a mom. There is nothing more to life than that. I was planning to do that same challenge but I did not get the chance to.
I also wanted to let you know that I receive the winnings. They are AWESOME!!! Thank you. Can't wait to try out the mask.