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Saturday, June 27, 2009

A delicate treatment of the hospital photo

Hey, I promised a post this weekend. this is a little 8 x 8 for my little guy's baby album. This is the picture that was taken right after he was born (and cleaned up a wee bit) In an effort to preserve the photo and his dignity, I ran ribbon across his boy parts :p . I made the little envelope which holds a card with his birth time, date, length and weight. The chipboard tag on the left is from recollections and the blue one I made from chipboard covered with serendipity paper. I love making Serendipity paper and always have a use for it. I hand cut the chipboard tag, attached the ribbons on the tags and across the bottom. As always, the Tombow Mono Adhesive runner is my best friend. The photo corners come from Die Cuts with a View baby boy sticker stack. This page took me about an hour and half to complete. The journaling on the blue tag is a quote from the Carpenters "On the day that you were born, the angels got together and decided to create a dream come true"

Ok... on to other things... I know there's a cute little photo gizmo for this but I haven't looked it up. Cricut is giving away 20 cruises : what you have to do is buy oe of the fout new cartridges, and if there is a golden ticket in your cartridge case, you've won. The promotion runs the length of July. I so hope that someone I know, whether in my real life or here through the scrapblog community wins this! And I"ll be giving a Demo on the Cricut create at work tomorrow, so if you happen to localto Monroe, come see me at Michaels from 1-3.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Bad Girl....

Oh... I've been a bad blogger... I got really busy with a few projects and life in general and have not made it to the blog to post, nor have I taken pictures to have to go with the posts I haven't written! I just wanted to pop in and leave a quick note letting y'all know that I'm working on a few things and I'll have some real posts and pics up before the weekend is out. Sorry to keep you hanging!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009



Here's a neat little blog I found by random today... and Jan has an awesome giveaway going on! Go check out her site and leave a little love... it's always nice to know someone is looking!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Busy Busy Busy

Whew... sometimes vacation seems like more work than work! I'm ready to go back and ready for a rest... I've made some real progress getting things cleaned and sorted and put away so I feel like I've accomplished a lot though I haven't really gotten much done. I participated in a scrapbook garage sale today though and had a wonderful time. I sat and made beaded brads all day and pretty much sold every one I made as well as the ones I went with. My local scrapbook store wants to carry the brads! I'm so excited. I also made some wire words today and though they didn't sell, I had a good time with that. It's funny how many people say "oh I wouldn't have the patience for that" or "that's too hard"-- if it were that hard I wouldn't be able to do it! And I look at the layouts that these ladies can create and think... you've got the patience, just not for this.

Anyway, that means that I did not get any brads up at my shop at
nor was I able to get the new photo frames finished. But I'll keep plugging away at it. The good news is that as things get more and more organized and I have less mess around me, I can get more work done. I hope you've all been making something wonderful!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Woohoo this was fun. this took a few days of work-- mostly in the design element stage... in between doctors appointments, a child that wants all of me all the time and a full load of chores/projects that I want to accomplish this week. This was my first time hand stitching on a layout and it was more work that I expected but I also didn't pierce my paper first. The line of stitching between the star buttons was not terrifically hard but the stitching of the swatches of my little guy's jammies was... umm... not a project I'm likely to repeat any time real soon! Good thing I have a sewing machine and I'm not afraid to use it! This layout is actually for two different challenges over at
so there was some conditions that I had to meet... this particular one was using transparent material, bonus for three or more. The left hand page has three pieces of transparent material... the vellum quote, the glassing envelope for the hidden journaling, and the "shh" at the left corner of the picture. I used the relief cut from the "shh" as a mask and added more shh's to the bottom of the page with broken china distress ink. I was originally going to work this as an 8x8 layout but there were too many things I wanted to do with a page that small.
On a side note... this Saturday (the 13th) there is a scrapbook garage sale in West Monroe, so if any of you who read this are local, come on by and check it out. On a personal note, the visits to the doctors are going about as expected... I am losing bone in my jaw but the DDS thinks we may have caught it before I actually have to lose any teeth, and I will be meeting with my other doctor at the end of the month to discuss either lifetime meds for pain management or surgery for a diagnosis I have yet to receive. The good news on both counts is that I have a fairly positive attitude about things and I'm certainly not pleased but nothing is critical and that is always lovely news.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

I so need a better camera...

This was a fun little layout though I agonized over the placement of the letters for days. This sat with the letters on it and I'd pass by it, move something, then walk away... then come back and move it again. I love, love, LOVE that journal paper from Lily Bee... unfortunately, my budget is all shot to heck from the refrigerator breaking down, so I won't be getting anymore of it any time soon... but I sure do love it. It distresses well with a variety of shades and it has perfect lines for journaling. The crackled brown paper is so old that I don't have a clue who made it, the corrugated green paper is from the Paper Company, the alphabet stickers are Colorbok sticky Stax, but I inked them with Soot Black Distress Ink because they were too bright for this page. Pop dots on the stars and wings are from All Night Media, and no big surprise, all other adhesion with the Tombow Mono. I keep getting inpsired by other people's pages and then revert back to my simple style. On the page, I have a hard time making things as complicated as they were in my head. I've made some serious progress in my scrap space and I can actaully do more than one project at a time right now. The goal will be to see if I can keep it that way, and continue to get things more organized.
By the end of the week, I should have new baby frames and beaded brads on the list over at so please check them out.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

A little Chitter

Hi all... No pics to post right now but not because I've not been busy, just because I've been a little too busy. I'm trying to gut my shoebox of a scrap space and I just get overwhelmed with all the clutter. There's no place to move one thing while trying to organize another... and while I could purchase a few more storage cubes, I had to repair the 'fridge today... lost all the food in it and a repair bill... amounting to roughly what I make in half the month... so... no new storage cubes for me. On the plus side, I did sell a few more pieces of jewelry making supplies over at and I'll be getting my beaded brads posted shortly. I have a long vacation coming up and I hope to accomplish a ton of stuff but one knows how that goes... too much time, too many projects and nothing at all accomplished! Well... I have to accomplish something or I'll feel driven to confess that I did nothing... and then I"ll feel like a schlub, and boy, do I hate that.
I have posted before about anf I just wanted to post again for you cardmakers and scrapbookers... go check them out. They have monthly contests (yes EVERY month) and you can win some really wonderful stuff. I myself cannot particiapte because I work as ad rep for them, but I highly encourage any of you to do so. Also, if any of you are looking for an afforadable way to advertise your blog, or online store, please contact me at and I'll be happy to send you ad rates. Hope you guys are getting to have some papercrafting while I am busy shoveling paper!