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Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Woohoo this was fun. this took a few days of work-- mostly in the design element stage... in between doctors appointments, a child that wants all of me all the time and a full load of chores/projects that I want to accomplish this week. This was my first time hand stitching on a layout and it was more work that I expected but I also didn't pierce my paper first. The line of stitching between the star buttons was not terrifically hard but the stitching of the swatches of my little guy's jammies was... umm... not a project I'm likely to repeat any time real soon! Good thing I have a sewing machine and I'm not afraid to use it! This layout is actually for two different challenges over at
so there was some conditions that I had to meet... this particular one was using transparent material, bonus for three or more. The left hand page has three pieces of transparent material... the vellum quote, the glassing envelope for the hidden journaling, and the "shh" at the left corner of the picture. I used the relief cut from the "shh" as a mask and added more shh's to the bottom of the page with broken china distress ink. I was originally going to work this as an 8x8 layout but there were too many things I wanted to do with a page that small.
On a side note... this Saturday (the 13th) there is a scrapbook garage sale in West Monroe, so if any of you who read this are local, come on by and check it out. On a personal note, the visits to the doctors are going about as expected... I am losing bone in my jaw but the DDS thinks we may have caught it before I actually have to lose any teeth, and I will be meeting with my other doctor at the end of the month to discuss either lifetime meds for pain management or surgery for a diagnosis I have yet to receive. The good news on both counts is that I have a fairly positive attitude about things and I'm certainly not pleased but nothing is critical and that is always lovely news.

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