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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

A little Chitter

Hi all... No pics to post right now but not because I've not been busy, just because I've been a little too busy. I'm trying to gut my shoebox of a scrap space and I just get overwhelmed with all the clutter. There's no place to move one thing while trying to organize another... and while I could purchase a few more storage cubes, I had to repair the 'fridge today... lost all the food in it and a repair bill... amounting to roughly what I make in half the month... so... no new storage cubes for me. On the plus side, I did sell a few more pieces of jewelry making supplies over at and I'll be getting my beaded brads posted shortly. I have a long vacation coming up and I hope to accomplish a ton of stuff but one knows how that goes... too much time, too many projects and nothing at all accomplished! Well... I have to accomplish something or I'll feel driven to confess that I did nothing... and then I"ll feel like a schlub, and boy, do I hate that.
I have posted before about anf I just wanted to post again for you cardmakers and scrapbookers... go check them out. They have monthly contests (yes EVERY month) and you can win some really wonderful stuff. I myself cannot particiapte because I work as ad rep for them, but I highly encourage any of you to do so. Also, if any of you are looking for an afforadable way to advertise your blog, or online store, please contact me at and I'll be happy to send you ad rates. Hope you guys are getting to have some papercrafting while I am busy shoveling paper!

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