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Sunday, August 19, 2012

what works for me now...

So... this week, which has been helacious has also brought about some really interesting things... How about instead of asking Why? I ask What if? How about instead of dreading all the things left to do, I celebrate what is accomplished? How about remembering that everyone starts somewhere, and all those somewhere's are different and I'm not in a race, I'm on a journey? How about moving past forgiving and into forgetting? How about doing what works instead of repeatedly doing what doesn't in hopes that I will "work" in a way that isn't so different? How about not just believing but saying out loud, "love is enough" (without adding the disclaimer that it has to be, because some days it's all I've got) How about letting the things and people that are clamoring for my attention actually get some of it, instead of viewing them as a distraction? I made art this week... I made art I like this week. I wrote this week. I wrote stuff that needed to see the light of day so that it would stop darkening my heart.
This is a Swoon post, because, I'm really loving what works.


ashton elaine said...

I love your outlook on thinking about what you accomplished and your successes in life! Have a great rest of your sunday.

The Journal Junkie said...

Great post! Reminds me of WIBNI AND HMW (wouldn't it be nice if and how might we). Such a great way to look at life. PLEASE keep sharing your insights-so powerful.

Felicia the Journal Junkie

SimJaTa said...

I'll go with the 'what if' too. Love your page.

followed you from swoon xx