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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A neat craft site, a little life, and more to come

Oh... I've been absent again, haven't I?   Well... here's the deal:  work is a nightmare right now, I've been busy creating up a storm in the craft room (pics to come, I promise)  taking Christy Tomlinson's Art Journal workshop, busy trying to get a plan in my head for opening an online craft fair, and struggling with some real life big nasties.  I live in Louisiana as most of you know, and here at the end of the May it is already in the high nineties... and my central unit went KerPlunkKerPlooey and no way no how not even if I sold everything I own can I afford to replace that unit.  so I'm struggling with the heat, my partner who is busy being all "End of the world Drama Queen" about it, and my little boy who is prone to horrible heat rashes anyway...   Yeah... life, not so much fun right now.   But I'm nursing this really hot spark in my heart right now about making books and began work today on a mixed media Art Journal that is going to challenge my skills, tug at my creativity and make me work a little harder than I usually do when I am creating.  I'm totally into this project.   I've been reading articles from Fav about the business of crafting and also just getting some neat crafting ideas...  lots of fun projects I can do with my preschooler, who on a daily basis asks "Mama, can we make art today?  Can we huh, huh,huh?"   Yeah... for all the moments I'm a horrible mother, there's things like that that just make me know that the things I'm not doing the way I want are balanced by the things that I am getting spot on.   I'm planning on the mother of all yard sales in the next few weeks, possibly as soon as this weekend depending upon how the rest of life shakes out this week and then I'll hopefully make a little more time to get here, get some art posted and give you a little more Planet Kaere.   Some very intersting thoughs in my head these days, mostly circling the question "How bright would you shine if no one told you you couldn't?" 

Make something beautiful with your heart and your hands.

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sandi said...

I'm sorry you're schwetty, my friend... I'd hug you but... you know... ;-)

Hope you cool down soon - and can't wait to see your new projects!