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Monday, March 1, 2010

I'm Back...

Wow... I didn't realize that my hiatus had been this long. I've been busy crafting for local shows and I am also sharing a space with a friend on mine at the Marketplace in West Monroe. Some months I do well, others, not so... but I enjoy making crafts and having them on display. I've been doing a lot of Fleur de Lis themed things, this being Louisiana. My favourite so far has been the concrete stepping stones. I've also been making wall canvases... some all painted some a mixture of paper and paint. Work and the toddler have been keeping me pretty busy, but I'll be back again here pretty regularly. I'll be posting pictures of some of my crafts as well as my scrapping stuff again soon.

Cards for Heroes, now OperationWriteHome.Org is having another blog hop on March 20th. I"ll be one of the stops again. I have set up a donation box at work for cards so that we can send a bunch in. thanks for sticking in there and I hope to see you all on the blog hop day.

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Donna Inks said...

Hi there! I am the stop before you and I am in Monroe!

Glad to see you on the Hop!