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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

practicing on the photoshop class

Oh this was such fun... this was from day two's course material and I found some neat brushes online. I wish it was a better photograph of me, but I have yet to learn my camera's timer feature... I've made a few more layouts but haven't been able to get the time to post here, so I'll hopefully get some stuff up soon. I am working on a few books as well as more pages. I particiapte in the monthly challenges over at which helps keep me motivated to get pages done as well as giving me a little focus as to what style. I still think that I need to get around to doing a few disaster pages for the hurricane photos, but I fins myself shying away from that. I've been having a wonderful time with the photoshop class, learning a lot and struggling through as I've never used photoshop before. Those of you reading have gone quiet on me again and I sure do miss your comments.
Hope you are all busy making something wonderful.

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AliensWanted said...

You haven't aged a day. Amazing. I was cleaning out some items (books in storage and whatnot from growing up) and ran across the Porsche book you gave me with your note saying you wanted the black one.