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Sunday, March 29, 2009

A little time to create...

Frantic... mornings spent juggling getting ready for work and my son who now seems to be adverse to clothes. Leave him alone (in the playpen, of course) for ten minutes and all clothes including the diaper are off... Feed the cat, feed the dog. Let said dog out to do her business twice. Make lunch to take to work, make a bottle of milk of the baby... oh... and don't forget one of your coworkers has a birthday... strapped for cash (who isn't these days?) and strapped for time... what can I do quickly that still resonates? Other than not be able to work the imaging in the blog quite right... a quick birthday tag card... distress inks, Pearl Ex powder, ideology mask and the color text from Handmade envelope for the tag, quick ribbon and postal tag (not shown in photograph)... total time including drying: 40 minutes. Super big hug from coworker! with the surprised "You made this? All of it? For me?" Yes... the thing about making something for someone is that there is always a risk that you will miss the mark... This time however was a spot on hit. Another quick and frantic project that is proving to be more time consuming though is a thank you card for other coworkers who bought a gift for my baby. Photos to come when I get it actually finished.

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